Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vulindlela Nyoni, Ian Grose, Ann and Yusuf

We begin. Vulindlela to draw Ian
This is where Vulindlela and Ian realize they've met. This means that they can't draw one another. We stop. I go looking for sitters.
I find Ann. She is skeptical and in a hurry. Her partner is also skeptical, he keeps looking at Vulindlela's blind drawing of his wife. He tells her that it's a failure, doesn't doesn't look anything like her. This is disconcerting for Vulindlela's drawing process. Ann says she would like to leave. We stop. The likeness of Ann lost in translation and lack of time.
Yusuf works at the carpentry store opposite the gallery. He's happy to sit for his drawing. Ian draws Yusuf.

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